Tooth-Colored Fillings for Kids

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Kids

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Kids services offered in Montgomery, TX

Most Americans will have at least one cavity by the time they reach adulthood, thankfully Dr. Josh Morales treats cavities with exceptional tooth-colored fillings for kids. When you schedule an appointment at the Montgomery, Texas office, the Mor Smiles 4 Kids team checks for cavities that may need treatment and help prevent their development. Call the office today to make an appointment or book with the online scheduling tool.

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Kids Q&A

What are tooth-colored fillings for kids?

Dental fillings are an essential repair technique to treat cavities. Dr. Morales at the Montgomery, Texas, office supplies tooth-colored fillings to minimize the impact and appearance of a cavity on your child’s teeth. A tooth-colored filling ensures it blends in naturally with your child’s surrounding dental tissue naturally. 

Dental fillings use a mix of metals and plastics to repair a tooth affected by a cavity. They can also treat teeth damaged from physical trauma, such as grinding.

What materials are tooth-colored fillings for kids made from?

To achieve that important tooth color, Dr. Josh Morales uses filling material made from blends, such as plastic and glass composites.

By using a blend of these materials, Dr. Morales and the Mor Smiles 4 Kids experts can achieve healthy, natural-looking results.

What are the benefits of tooth-colored fillings for kids?

Treating a cavity is essential to minimize the damage of an infection and prevent more cavities from appearing. If a cavity goes untreated for too long, it can create pain and discomfort and potentially affect other body parts, such as the lungs. Poor oral health can also contribute to poor jaw and tooth development, which may cause sensitivity in younger kids. Additionally, the fillings provided by Dr. Morales blend in seamlessly with surrounding teeth and last for many years.

Are tooth-colored fillings safe for kids?

Fillings have been an essential and effective way to treat cavities for decades. The American Dental Association recommends fillings to remove harmful bacteria and prevent more damage they can cause.

Fillings are safe for children because they are so regulated and heavily practiced. Composite fillings especially prove safe and comfortable for many children. Composite fillings are often the preferred choice of Dr. Morales and the Mor Smiles 4 Kids experts because they are aesthetically pleasing, safe, and function well.

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