Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry services offered in Montgomery, TX

If you’re looking to protect your child’s growing teeth, you should schedule an appointment with the Mor Smiles 4 Kids experts. Josh Morales, DDS, offers customized preventative services to encourage healthy smiles at the Montgomery, Texas, office. Call now to book a consultation or reserve an appointment online through the scheduling portal.

Preventative Dentistry Q&A

What is preventative dentistry? 

Preventative dentistry includes many services that prevent  disease.  With routine dental cleanings and check-ups, Dr. Morales will closely monitor your child’s oral health while helping them avoid pain related to common childhood diseases such as: tooth decay (cavities), gingival (gum) infections, bacterial/viral infections, and growth abnormalities. The experts at Mor Smiles 4 Kids will help your child learn about the importance of oral hygiene and set the foundation for a healthy smile to last a lifetime.

Some services Dr. Morales offers include: 


During a cleaning, a dental hygienist thoroughly cleans your child's teeth removing any areas of food/plaque buildup that causes dental disease.


Fluoride treatments

Fluoride offers extra protection against harmful bacteria and acidic foods that may erode enamel. This treatment reduces the risk of developing cavities and infections. 



Some teeth have very deep grooves that trap food and plaque leading to tooth decay. Sealants are a protective coating that fills in the groves of these teeth preventing cavities by as much as 90% during the crucial developmental years. 


What are the benefits of preventative dentistry?

 Frequent visits to see Dr. Morales and other preventative measures, like brushing and flossing, minimize the build-up of plaque and tartar around teeth that lead to dental disease

Preventative dentistry services prevent other complications linked to poor oral health, like:

  • Respiratory illness
  • Tooth decay
  • Heart disease
  • Poor performance in school

Additionally, many children start to develop autonomy around eating at a young age. These preventative services ensure your child has a strong jaw and chewing function as they develop essential eating skills. Preventative dentistry also helps you save time and money by preventing the need for restorative dental treatment while giving you peace of mind about your child’s health.

Does preventative dentistry enhance the appearance of teeth?

Many preventative procedures can make teeth whiter and stronger, contributing to a healthier overall appearance. However, not all preventative services have a cosmetic effect. 

Dr. Morales can offer more specific recommendations that contribute to a whiter smile or straighter teeth during your appointment. The team of experts at Mor Smiles 4 Kids will tailor treatments that best fit your child’s needs.

Preventive dental care is important for everyone. By starting early, you can help your child develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. This includes routine checkups and cleanings, as well as fluoride treatments and sealants. 

To learn more about preventative dentistry, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Morales in Montgomery, Texas. You can also schedule online through the reservation portal.