Lip & Tongue-Tie Release Procedure

Lip & Tongue-Tie Release Procedure

Lip & Tongue-Tie Release Procedure services offered in Montgomery, TX

If your child experiences complications due to a  lip-tie or tongue-tie, also called ankyloglossia, you should schedule a lip and tongue-tie consultation with Josh Morales, DDS, as soon as possible. The Mor Smiles 4 Kids experts can help your child breastfeed or speak more clearly with their effective frenectomy procedures. Call the Montgomery, Texas, office today to book an appointment or reserve a time and date through the online scheduling tool.

Lip & Tongue-Tie Release Procedure Q&A

What are lip and tongue ties?

A lip or tongue-tie is a condition your child may experience, starting at birth. Lip and tongue-ties reduce your child’s oral function by minimizing their tongue’s range of motion.

A lip-tie impedes your child’s upper lip from moving freely since the frenulum (soft tissue attachment) is too thick or stiff. This differs from a tongue-tie, where the frenulum is too short or tight. A tongue-tie can also include a frenulum that is too close to the tip of the tongue. Either situation can affect your child’s ability to eat, breastfeed, talk, and swallow. 

What are the benefits of lip and tongue-tie release procedures?

When you seek care from Dr. Morales and the Mor Smiles 4 Kids professionals, they can perform a simple and minimally invasive surgery to effectively reduce the complications of the tongue-tie. The benefits of this procedure may include the following:

  • Better latching during breastfeeding
  • Improved swallow function
  • Stronger speech pronunciation and development
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • Aiding in essential oral function development, such as licking, kissing, and playing instruments

A simple lip and tongue-tie release procedure improves your child’s quality of life and ensures they develop essential functions and can receive proper nutrition.

What’s the difference between lip and tongue-tie release procedures?

Both a lip and tongue-tie require a simple surgery known as a frenectomy to alleviate symptoms. In a tongue-tie frenectomy, Dr. Morales loosens the connective tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In a lip-tie frenectomy, Dr. Morales releases the lips attached to the gums.

Dr. Morales is able to perform a frenectomy quickly and easily to treat lip and tongue-ties effectively, often taking just a few minutes. He uses a laser for the procedure, which seals the wound as it cuts, requiring no stitches and reducing your child’s risk of potential infection. 

How do I prepare for a lip and tongue-tie release procedure?

When you schedule a frenectomy with the Mor Smiles 4 Kids experts, they may ask you several questions about your child’s oral health. For example, they ask about your child’s ability to breastfeed or if they struggle to brush their teeth. Dr. Morales will also perform an examination of your child’s mouth. 

Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Morales at the Montgomery, Texas, office, or book online through the website’s reservation portal.