About Mor Smiles 4 Kids

Pediatric Dentist located in Montgomery, TX

Pediatric Dentist located in Montgomery, TX

Mor Smiles 4 Kids is a dentist that's just for kids, located in Montgomery, Texas!  Josh Morales, DDS, is a board certified pediatric dentist with a heart as big as the Lone Star State. He aims to provide an efficient, clean and respectful environment for both children and parents. He will work with you to find the best treatment option for your child and your family's needs. His goal is to treat each patient as though they were his own by providing them with a safe and caring environment where they can grow up without fear of the dentist.

At Mor Smiles 4 Kids, Dr. Morales offers preventative dentistry services, like dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants, to protect your child’s teeth from infection, damage, and tooth decay. As a pediatric specialist he can also tailor services for infant dentistry, which is essential for babies as their teeth and gums develop.

If your child is nervous about going to the dentist, our friendly staff makes the process as comfortable as possible by building a relationship with your child. Dr. Morales uses innovative Waterlase® Laser Dentistry to complete most fillings without local anesthesia (NO SHOTS!), thus reducing the anxiety your child may experience during restorative dental treatment. For our very young and/or very nervous patients we also offer sedation dentistry. 

Growing babies and kids love to learn and explore the world around them; however, this may lead to accidents that can result in oral and facial trauma. Mor Smiles 4 Kids offers effective and swift solutions for when your child may require urgent care.

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Morales considers it a privilege to guide children on the journey of excellent oral health in an anxiety-free environment. Call the Mor Smiles 4 Kids office in Montgomery, Texas, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Morales or book online through the convenient reservation portal.